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Cooling and Heating Solutions for Your Home Gym or Home Office

October 30, 2020

Living through this pandemic has changed the way we live our lives. People are staying home more and checking off their to-do lists. With many offices and gyms closed or operating at minimum capacity, people have created their own spaces within their homes to fit their needs. This includes converting garage spaces into home gyms, attics into offices and using more space within your home. While it has been interesting to say the least, why not optimize the comfort level in your new space by installing a Comfort Control Mitsubishi ductless system?  With winter looming around the corner and the uncertainty of the global pandemic we may be stuck at home for even longer. Now is the time to invest in your newly designed space with a Mitsubishi split system. Mitsubishi split systems require ZERO duct work so they can easily be installed in any room.  

Benefits of Mitsubishi Systems:

  • Air Quality- Advanced Features Keep Your Indoor Air Clean And Healthy
  • Efficiency- Up To 40% More Efficient Than Conventional HVAC
  • Hyper Heat- New Technology Keeps You Warm No Matter How Cold It Gets Outside.
  • Whisper Quiet- Systems Quietly Adjust To Your Comfort Needs
  • Smart Controls- Convenient Smartphone Apps Make It Easy To Adjust And Manage Your Comfort
  • Constant Comfort- Systems Adjust Automatically To Keep Your Rooms Comfortable.

Read more about the benefits of Mitsubishi Split Systems:


Whether you're out for the day or the month, whether you want to cool down or warm up, Kumo cloud gives you control no matter where you are.

Breathe Easier with Features That Keep Your Air Clean and Your Family Healthy

  • Advanced Multistage Filtration- Captures And Removes Contaminates That Trigger Allergy And Asthma Symptoms, Spread Illness And Impact Air Quality.
  • Platinum Deodorizing Filter- Available On Select Systems, Uses Nanotechnology To Absorb Odors To Neutralize The Worst Smells.
  • Washable Filters- Last Up To 10 Years And Give You Another Way To Save Money And Reduce Environmental Impact.


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